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Kent Honkers Lacrosse

BOYS 2021

Season Information

US Lacrosse Membership Required

Note:  For insurance purposes, all participants must have a current US Lacrosse membership.  If you are not a current US Lacrosse member or your membership expires during the season, a US Lacrosse membership will be included during registration.  The cost of a US Lacrosse membership is $30 for youth and $35 for High School ages.  

US Lacrosse Membership Benefits include:

      1.  Best-in-class insurance coverage

      2.  Subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine

     3.  How-to videos, articles, clinics and more for players, coaches and officials

     4.  Members-only discounts and special offers on gear, apparel and more

     5.  Eligibility for grants and free resources to help the Kent Honkers program grow the game locally

 For information on the value of a US lacrosse membership, read their US Lacrosse Membership Value Statement.

Registration Start Date: 01/01/2021

Registration End Date: 06/01/2021

Open To: Boys

Season Start Date: 03/01/2021

Season End Date: 06/01/2021

Player Limit: N/A

Team Types
Name Description Ages Fee
Boys' 10U 8 - 10 $50.00
Boys' 12U 10 - 12 $50.00
Boys' 14U 12 - 14 $50.00
Boys' Scoopers 3 - 7 $30.00
Boys' 8U 6 - 8 $50.00
Boys' 10U

8 - 10


Boys' 12U

10 - 12


Boys' 14U

12 - 14


Boys' Scoopers

3 - 7


Boys' 8U

6 - 8


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About US

We are members of USLacrosse, as well as the Eastern Shore Youth Lacrosse Association. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching our youth the fundamentals and spirit of the great sport of lacrosse in a fun and sportsmanlike way.